What I do After beign on the Plane (My Facial Routine)

Hello World!
First of all,Happy Easter to everyone! I also want to excuse my self for not posting anything for so long! To make it up for you this post is going to be a longer one. Have fun and let’s start!


This is a picture of the things I used only for my Face.

Clockwise: Essence Lash and Brow Gel,Nivea Aqua Effect Cleansenig Foam, Nivea Aqua Effect Toner, Nivea Pure Effect All-In-1 Daily Cleanser,Eos Strwaberry Parfait,Balea Gold Effect Lipbalm,Ingrid Aloe Vera Supergel, Ebelin Facial Hand Brush.

First I washed my Face with Water. Then I spread the Nivea All In 1 Mask onto my clean skin. I let it sit for about 5 Minutes while checking my Phone. Then I washed it off with my Facial Brush. The All in 1 Nivea Product is a Peeling,Mask and Cleanser. That’s why I like using it. Then I dabbed a Cotton Pad in the Toner and spread that over my face. I then used scrub on my Lips and applied my EOS Lipbalm in the Flavor ‘Strwaberry Parfait’. I also took a cold spoon to spread some of the Aloe Gel under my Eyes.

Now to the Scrub:

I love spices! Don’t you? I mean they smell and taste good. But wait… They don’t only do that! For example Cinnamon. Cinnamon tastes and smells good. It is also a great mild addition to your routine! Here is one of the many ways to use Cinnamon as Beauty Product!


DIY Cinnamon Sugar Scrub:

What you’ll need:
-Lemon Juice (it’s best to use fresh Juice instead of the store bought one)
-Any Oil of your choice,I used the good old Coconut Oil

What to do:

Take 1/2 cup of sugar and fill it in a bowl. Next add two teaspoons of Cinnamon. Miss the two powder so they are a solid color. Next add 2-4 teaspoons of your Oil. After adding the Oil add 1-2 Teaspoons of your freshly presses Lemon Juice. Stirr everything till it’s an even ‘paste’.You can add more Sugar or Lemon if you prefer. Now just put the Scrub into a nice Container and start Scrubbing off those dead cells!

You can use this scrub everywhere on your body,just make sure to keep it away from you eyes and and sensitive Body Parts. The Cinnamon may cause redness and a burning effect.

I hope you enjoyed reading this!

Xoxo Antonia ❤️