10 Sappy RomComs to choose from this Valentines Day

Aaayeeeee it´s Valentines Day! HOw fun, ain´t it?

I guess it might be for some of us. Personally, eventhough I´ve never recieved roses or flowers in general or valentines or a grand gesture of any kind on any 14th of February (sob), I do enjoy this holiday quite a bit.

I mean, who doesn´t love that weird rush you get going to school on the morning of the 14th, eventhough you know that you´re not getting anything? I mean, you never know, right?

My second favorite thing about V-Day, is the notion that I can shamelessly watch RomComs and eat ice cream and listen to dramatic (fetus Justin Bieber) music! Sounds desperate, but try it, it´s great fun. Especially if you´re alone, making sarcastic remarks at all the Janes and Kates of the RomCom verse.

Okay, now on to my Top 10 RomComs! (Ranked in order of which ones I thought of first)

1- How to lose a guy in 10 days


Okay, this is a classic. From her seemingly perfect life as a journalist in NY (who can randomly afford tickets to anything), her perfect hair (seriously? I´m supposed to believe that?), the gorgeous yellow dress I will one day have hanging in my closet, to the love fern. What does this movie not have? OH, and how could I forget the totally realistic plot of this movie! Awesome. Love it. I´m totally here for it.

2- The Back-Up Plan

Okay so I know, I know: how did she go from taking her pregnancy into her own hands to letting herself be shamed by her boyfriend for having a pregnancy pillow? It doesn´t matter. They make up and they marry and live happily ever after. Also, both of the leads are SO hot. Just saying…

3- When in Rome

Again, the plot (and always perfect hair) might not be the most realistic thing ever, but RomComs are not meant to be realistic, they are meant to make you feel things. So this guy falls for a girl (while in Rome, hence the title) but she thinks its a spell that she put on him by picking up his coin in that fountain. (SPOILER: That ends up not being the case. Big romantic gesture involved.)

4- The Switch

They´re best friends. She´s friendzoning him. She finds a sperm-donor because she really desperately wants a child, he “accidentally” dumps out the donors sperm and exchanges it for his. (Creepy much?) She never finds out that her child is also his (GASP) until he can´t take it anymore because she has a new boyfriend and he finally wants to tell her how he feels. I don´t really agree with the whole “Now that she´s taken I can finally let it all out and she´ll choose me over him because I know deep down that our friendship was never soley platonic because male and female can´t just be friends” thing that´s going on here, but then again, it´s fun to make fun of.

5- Confessions of a Shopaholic

Three words: “You speak Prada?” Ah, taking it back to my grade eight times.

6- Bride Wars

This is such a cliche RomCom, you can watch it on YouTube. You know a RomCom is terribly good when it´s on YouTube. Okay, so, basically two best friends (one blonde and Kate Hudson, the other brunette and Anne Hathaway if I remember correctly. what is up with it always being blonde vs. brunette? whats up with that?)  have always planned their weddings together. It´s their thing, you know? They are obsessed with it. But then, que horror, their weddings overlap! And so begin the Bride Wars, where they mess with each others dance classes and hair (ouch). It´s kinda funny, actually, and you´ll love your bestie after watching this. In the end they obviously make up, so yeah. There you go. You probably knew that.

7- What Happens in Vegas

(This is such a cool movie, they couldnt even finish the sentence. Here, let me do it for you: Stays in Vegas.) Two people get hammered drunk in guess where? Las Vegas! Bingo! And accidentally get married. All sobered up, they want to break up but accidentally win a large amount of money. To get it, they are legally forced to be “married” for a specific amount of time. (Okay, but am I the only one who ever wondered what kind of judge that was??)

8- The Proposal

THIS MOVIE IS MY FAV. Okay so I don´t know what it is about this movie but it´s hilarious and romantic and cute and hey, Ryan Reynolds. And naked bodies running into each other (LOL). This movie is my go-to for when I´m feeling like I need a dose of all the before mentioned.

I wrote all of these summaries at 11pm on a Tuesday night, so they are pretty messed up. But, because I find myslef hilarious, I decided to just let them be.

Did I miss any iconic RomComs? Which one is your favorite?

I had a bunch of fun writing this post, so if you´re interested in seeing more like these, leave a comment down below!

Hope you had a great Valentines Day and received all the love you deserve on everyday.

xoxo (with extra hearts in celebration of Valentines Day)





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