High 5: Favorite Movies

Hello everyone!

My name´s Antonia, if you´ve never read a post of mine, then welcome! If you have, I´m glad you came back, because today I´ll go through all the feels to tell you about my favorite movies!

Because I can´t decide which one I like best, I´ll be listing my top 5. The order they´re in, again, doesn´t mean anything as I really can´t decide…Oops.

Ten Things I Hate About You

(I couldn´t find an official trailer)

If anyone were to ask me what my favorite movie was, I´d probably say that this is it. I love it so much, and I´ve watched it so many times I speak along (my friends hate watching it with me because of my comments and squeals and general singing and talking along).

I just think that this movie sends out such a powerful message, and has done so since 1999. It gives me strength, it´s my go-to movie for when I´m feeling down, or need an uplift, or feel great, or bored, or when I don´t know what else to watch. I don´t think I could ever get sick of this movie and the cast and the (to be honest, kind of weird) plot. I mean, yes, it does have the characteristics of every teen movie: prom, a bad boy, an outsider girl, a bad boy wanting to get with the outsider girl, the annoying family. But if you read through the lines you will find strong female, and male, characters.

Especially Katarina, the main character. She is such an inspiring feminist girl who says what she wants and wears what she wants and doesn´t take shit from anyone.

My favorite scene is when she goes against the stereotype and pushes him away when he kisses her after she finds out that he´d been using her (even if he really wasn´t by then anymore). I feel like other movies that are meant for young or teenage girls teach us that a man can kiss you whenever you want and it´s okay and thats all you need to forgive him. I love the fact she doesn´t let that happen.

I´m writing such an essay about this movie, I should be graded on it.

Stereotype Count: 5

The Last Song

(I´m going to try to keep this short)

This movie teaches an important lesson about forgiveness, and the true value of family. It´s the story of a girl who, under dramatic Nicholas Sparks sircumstances, finds her way back to her father, and herself. Again there are certain stereotypes that this movie follows: outsider girl, rich boy, outsider girl and rich boy fall in love, rich boy isn´t all goody goody, his parents/family dislikes her, outsider girl isn´t actually like everyone thinks she is. In a way, they switched the genders for this movie, but it´s very Nicholas Sparks, and very sad. Put this in your que for when you need a good cry.

Stereotype Count: 6

Mamma Mia

This movie is so happy! The sea-side colors, Sophies wavy blonde hair, the love stories, THE MUSIC! There really isn´t anything bad about this movie, and you´ll find yourself smiling and laughing along at the slight stupidness of this movie and the (at least for me) familiar scenes.

I mean, what´s better than having Hollywood actors singing and dancing and generally making fools out of themselves? Nothing!

Also, you´ll definitely want to go to an island afterwards, so watch it.


Again, this movie is so happy! The old-school vibe, the outfits, the hair, the GREASE (LIGHTNING)! Grease is the definition of an iconic movie. It´s so quotable, too. The music and dances are great, and Sandy´s transformation at the end is the bomb.com.

LOL- Laughing Out Loud (The American version)

LOL is such an underrated movie! This movie has it all: hot actors, a realistic plot, cool moms, an amazing soundtrack, and a great setting: Chicago. And everyone knows I love Chicago. Also Miley´s/Lola´s style in this movie is flawless.

The plot is realistic, at least as close as any movie can get to be realistic, and I love how it displays the struggles of being a teenager: problems with the moms, grades, and love.

This movie inspired me to cut my hair back on my trip to Chicago, and it greatly influenced my out-of-school style. Oversized sweaters, ripped jeans, boots, gimme gimme.

Do you know any of these movies? What are your opinions on them? And what are your favorite movies? Leave a comment to let me know!




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