25 Date Night Ideas

With the wintery holiday season ending, the next holiday is Valentines Day! And what better way to celebrate than to go on a date? To make things easier, I made a list of 25 easy, fun, and cute date night ideas that are (mostly) not to hard on the wallet!

1- Breakfast Date

I don´t understand why this is not a thing by now! How amazing would it be to get breakfast together (you´re obviously already putting effort into the date by just waking up that early) and then taking a walk through a sleepy city, or a trip to the park to watch dogs? I don´t know about you, but I love the idea.

2- Discovering a new place to eat/food trend

If you live near a bigger city, then this is definitely one for you. New food trends and cute instagram-worthy cafes and restaurants are popping up daily right now. Just google it and I´m sure you´ll find a cute cupcake place or a new burger chain or foodtruck. Whatever you´re into.

Captivo Picture 1315

3- Festivals!

And no, not the music type -those are reserved for the summer- but street festivals or markets. Street food festivals are super popluar, and they´re ven more fun when you´re hungry and able to steal try food from your other half.

4- Cinema

I know, I know, they´re obviously one of the more obvious ones in this list, but there´s a reason for that! It´s easy to initiate (“Hey, have you seen that new movie? No? I´m dying to go, wanna come?”) and maybe not even the most obvious. Yes, popcron and drinks and nachos and candy plus tickets can be a bit more pricey, but let´s be honest, valentines day is only once a year.

5- Museum Date!

Few things are as modern and hipster as going to a museum with your beloved.

6- Picnic

Another “basic” one, but you make food for each other and get to be in the fresh air. Cute, no?

7- Go to the theatre of an opera

I WOULD DIE. But back to business, you can dress up super fancy (and possibly see him in a suit for the first time) and get to watch people tell stories or sing and hold hands in the darkness. So, so, cute.

8- Teach each other something

Maybe they´re really good at painting, or in a soccer team. Have them teach you, or teach them something. (WARNING: Being tought Math might not be the most romantic thing our there!)

9- Go to a record store

I actually have a favorite record store, and just think about how cute it would be to show each other new music and favorite artists.

10- Go to a bookstore/the library

This is especially cool if you both love reading. Or if you know, you´re in school and can´t really go anywhere else. Also, apparently, it´s a great spot for making out. (Source: movies and TV shows)

11- Go bowling

Bowling is so much fun and the food is so greasy and the shoes are kinda gross, but it´s so much fun!

12- Play laser tag

This one is also perfect to go with a group of friends (especially if your crush is in that group of friends- just make it your goal to shoot him as much as possible. If you´re lucky, he´ll take the hint)

13- Go to the city

So maybe I´m the only one who would think of this being romantic, but just walking around the city for the day, discovering new shops and cafes and then eating on a bench and watching people? Sign me the f up!


14- Rock climbing

Build upper arm strength all while racing your crush to the top!

15- Go to an amusement park

You can scream your lungs out on rollercoasters while hoalding hands and feed each other greasy fries. Oh and he/she can win you a toy!!


16- Go sightseeing

You won´t believe how many sightseeing attractions I haven´t even been to after 15 years of living in my city and, chances are, they haven´t seen them all either. And if they have, they can impersonate a tour guide.

17- Go to IKEA

Again, this might be weird, but I think the idea of going to IKEA and planning out your future apartment (okay, so maybe this one is a BIT more obvious) sounds really cute, okay??

(are you sick of me saying the word ´cute´ yet?)

18- Go to a bar

Bars have a really cool atmosphere to them, if you find the right one. Drink only if you´re of legal age!


19- Go Ice Skating

You can hold on to each other and fall ontop of each other and hold hands and yeah, it´s cute. Just make sure to wear gloves, you don´t want anyone accidentally cutting off your fingertips if when you fall, the emergency room isn´t really the place for romance. (Unless you´re into Greys, then maybe it might be just right for you! Kidding, don´t do that.)

20- Biking

Might be difficult to do if you don´t live close to each other, yes, but it´s also competely free and also a workout.

21- Play games

No, not the kind that mess with peoples hearts. I mean board games. Stay in and play cards or something while listening to chill music. (PRO TIP: Play Twister ;))

22- Karaoke/Sing Star

Embarrasing yourself is a great way to break the ice. Plus, you get to belt out your fav songs while doing ridiculous dance moves. It might take some time to loosen up, though.

23- Concert/Show

Music and memories! (And a very dimly lit room)

24- Go to a party together

Again, this one isn´t super obvious, but you might end up dancing together (or more :p)

25- Star Gazing

Jup, another classic, and you can´t have a curfew for it, but it´s so romantic and, wait for it, CUTE!


So that´s the end of my list! I love all of these ideas, and if I had someone to go on a date with on V-Day (other than my dog) I´d probably try and fit all of these in one night (hey, that´s another one! We´re at 26 now)!

Have a great day and leave more ideas for cute date ideas in the comments!

(Cute Word Count: 10)





One thought on “25 Date Night Ideas

  1. These are great! Soo helpful for those who might want to ask their crush out on a date (me) or be asked. Thanks so much as a spent all my money on food and series. This really helped. XOXO

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