10 Ways to Handle a Bad Day

Having a bad day? Feeling a bit down?

Bad Days are the worst, but (un)fortunately they happen to all of us! Here are my Top 10 ways of clearing out the bad vibes. Everything has been so stressy lately, with the new school year starting and new drama coming up, I just feel really stressed out sometimes. For those crappy days, I have a folder on my Laptop with memory-loaded pictures of me and my friends, of places I want to visit, happy quotes, and (of course) pictures of puppies, baby goats, and piglets. Just remember that it´s just a bad day, not a bad life. Let go of today, and start over again tomorrow. I hope my list helps you deal with your bad days in the future, enjoy!

1. Listen to your fav songs and sing along

Music always helps me gather control over my emotions. Sometimes, you really only need those songs you break down to, or some sappy Taylor Swift. But once you´re done with those, the fun songs come in. These are the songs that will instantly make you feel better. My favorites right now are, “Chelsea Dagger” by The Fratellis, “I´ll Be Good” by Jaymes Young, anything Halsey, and fetus One Direction songs.

2. Call a loved one

Wether its your mom, your best friend, or even someone you havent talked to in ages, but still feel connected to. Talking to someone can really help you out, and so does listening to someone else do the talking. I like talking to people on the phone while I´m walking Heidi.

3. Make a Collage

Take out all those leftover Teen-Magazines you don´t read anymore, a pair of scissors, and start cutting. But read through the magazines first, because seeing the quizzes you took back in middle school is hilarious.

4. Make yourself something super healthy and picture-worthy

Avocado Toast. Banana Ice-Cream. Green Smoothie. Endless possibilities!

5. Clean out your Closet

I know, it sounds hard. And you´ll probably be sitting on the floor sulking over that fluffy gray sweater you haven´t seen in ages which is now too small for you to wear, but you will feel so accomplished afterwards. (And you will see how much space you have for new clothes!)

6. Write a Book/Story

A book doesn´t always have to be written for publishing, you could just write a book about your own life. Write an AU in third person, where your Senior-Crush actually likes you back, write about your future self, or write about now. I find that writing in third-person makes this a lot more fun and also way easier to do. Or simply write the book you´ve always wanted to read.

7. Watch your favorite TV-Shows

TV-Shows are great.* (*Me stating the obvious) There is something soul-mending about showering, putting on a pair of fresh PJs, crawling into a newly-made bed, and binge watching a show. My Current Top 7: Reign (Bash>Francis), The 100 (I am still emotionally scarred by Finns death, but what did I expect in first place. They never keep the perfect guys.), The Vampire Diaries (Delena for life. I´m not ready for the last episode.), Modern Family (Prepare for laughter), Gossip Girl (You will forever wish to be an Upper-East-Sider. Or for Serena´s hair.), Scandal (Finished this in less than a week. Major Goals in everything.), Jane The Virgin (Rafael and Jane!)

8. Hang-Out with your Pet

My dog, Heidi, makes me happy. And on a bad day, whats better than furry happiness, huh?

9. Go Running

Do something for your body and mind. I always get the most amazing ideas when I´m active, I just forget them really fast aswell. And there is nothing nicer than that post-running burn in your loungs and the heaviness of your feet when you crawl in bed after a hot shower that night.

10. Be creative!

I love creativity. I would describe myself as pretty creative, but sometimes there´s just a block and I can´t think of anything cool to do at all. And that´s when I go through Pinterest DIY boards. Aggressively.

xoxo, Antonia


10 thoughts on “10 Ways to Handle a Bad Day

  1. These are great! Soo helpful for those who might be a lil stressed out cos school (me) or those who just spent their entire paycheck on food and just realised they gotta now somehow make mcdonalds takeout last them a whole two weeks (me) or those who just finished watching the last episode of Gilmore girls and are a lil emotionally unstable (also me.)

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