High 5: My Top 5 Fall Polishes

Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while knows that I love live for Fall. The weather, the leaves, the overall fall spirit has always pulled me in a trance. I am fascinated my the ominous feeling in the air, and every I´m euphoric for the upcoming season.

Enough fancy words, let’s get into what this post is actually about: My Top 5 Fall Nailpolishes. Honestly, it´s the same every year. I let my nails grow over the summer break, then chew them back down in time for my finals. I chose my favorites and observed them; Finding out about the time they need to dry, finding the perfect dupes etc. Hope you enjoy!


AA Green Polish (High 5) AA Green Polish Brush (High5) AA Green Polish Label (High5)

Brand: American Apparel

Color: Hunter

Price: 7 Euros

Drying Time: 5:20 min.

This Polish is my most prized Nailpolish. American Apparel is something special where I live, it´s pretty expensive and we only have one close enough to where I live. In my Fall Tag post from a year ago, I mentioned that I was searching for a dark green Polish to add to my collection, soon after that was published, I found this beauty. The brush (As seen in the Picture) is long and slender, perfect for my rather thin and short nails. The polishes coverage is very high, if you´re good enough at evenly applying the polish, which I am not, you will only need coat. It dries pretty quickly, considering that it´s not labeled a ´fast-drying´ nailpolish.

Dupe Alarm: The Nailpolish I found is almost the exact color, but a lot less pricey. I´m talking about the new Essence ´I love TRENDS´ series, in the color Happy New Green.

Rating: 5/5


KIKO Black Polish (High 5)KIKO black polish brush (High5)

Brand: KIKO

Color: Black

Price: 1,90 Euros

Drying Time: 5:00 min.

The next color is the classic black I loved so much last fall. KIKO is known and loved for their wide range of good-quality nailpolishes. I picked this up when I was still in my Grunge Phase, but I think that Black Nailpolish is a staple that anyone should own. KIKO´s Polishes aren’t too expensive, but the quality is amazing. The Polish is easy to apply due to the slender brush. The only slight problem I see with the brush is that small clumps of dried polish collect at the tip, but that’s easy to avoid by just closing your bottle tightly and wiping off access polish when you´re done painting your nails. The coverage is good, again you will need one to two coats.

Dupe Alarm: Like I said, KIKO polishes are on the cheap side, but if you want a good-coverage black drugstore polish, I would recommend either the P2 ´Color Victim´ Nailpolish in Eternal, or the Maybelline ´Color Show´ Polish in Blackout.

Rating: 3/5


Essie Grey Polish (High5)Essie Grey Polish Brush (High5)Essie Grey Polish Label (High5)

Brand: Essie

Color: Maximillian Strasse Her

Price: 7.94

Drying Time: 3:00 mins.

Maximillian Strasse Her matches the stones in the background of the picture almost perfectly. I don´t need to say a lot about this polish, we all know the good quality Essie somehow fills in every bottle. It´s a perfect grey/green shade with a cream finish. At first, I did´nt get the name. Like yeah, I get the whole Maximillian Street thing, a shopping mile in Munich, and Strasse means Street in German, but I just don’t get the ´her´. Please comment and clear me up on this, I´m hopeless when it comes to Nailpolish names!

Dupe Alarm: This color is really unique, so it was pretty hard to find a color that matches this one. But I found one that’s at least a tad similar to the original color. L´Oreal ´Colour Riche Le Vernis´ in the shade Metropolitan.


Ciate Blue Polish (High 5)Ciate Blue Polish Brush (High5)Ciate Blue Polish Label (High5)

Brand: Ciate

Name: 3am Girl

Price: 9 Euros

Drying Time: 3:00 min.

I ADORE this color! It´s the deepest midnight blue I´ve ever seen in a Nailpolish bottle. I grew up as a Blue-Girl, meaning that I used to wear navy blue all day, everyday. My mom loves NAvy Blue, so that´s what she dressed me in. I am now more of a Black-Wearing-Girl, but sometimes I get really annoyed by black. But I love my darkness,especially on the nails, so I use this blue. Which may look like black, but it´s not. I know that this sounds confusing, but I just kinda knowingly trick myself like that. The coverage is alright, but you will definitely need two coats to get the full-on dark-blue-almost-black vibe.

Dupe Alarm: Nine Euros for a (Beautiful) Nailploish may not seem right to me. I actually accidentally took this from my best friend, and she said I could keep it. But if you don´t have an awesome friend like that, you´ll need an alternative. The nailpolish I found is Matt, which I think is pretty cool. If you don’t think that, just add a clear topcoat on top for ultra shine and chip-protection.

Rating: 4/5


Sally Hansen Nude Polish (High5)Sally Hansen Nude Polish Label (High5)

Brand: Sally Hansen

Color: Bold Buff

Price: ~5 Euros

Drying Time: 10+ min.

This polish was originally bought by my mother when we were in Las Vegas, but I stole it from her. oops. Okay,look. The color is great,and so is the concept behind the nailpolish. I feel like this is the perfect color if you want to do at-home French Nails, because it gives your nails a sleek nude look without completely covering up the white part. But if you want flawless Nude nails, like I do, then this is probably not the right color for you. I´m not entirely sure if the Nail-Growth thing is actually working, but lets just hope it does. You need at least two-three coats to cover your whole nail. Each coat takes about ten or more minutes to completely dry. If you don´t wait the right amount of time between each coat, the polish will peel right off if anything flick against it. It sounds harsh, but it´s the truth. But if you manage to apply everything evenly and have the patience to wait half-an-hour or more for your nailpolish to dry, your nails will look like a million bucks.

Dupe Alarm: This color is the perfect nude tone for pale-skinned people like me. I know I´ve been dupe-ing almost only with Essence Polishes, but that’s because they have a great color range and are cheap.So here is another one: You´re So Beautiful, out of their ´I love TRENDS: The Nudes´ Series.

Swatches (High5)


Comment down below if you want any more ´Dupe Alarms´ in the futre, also comment your fav Fall Nailpolish. I´m looking for someone to do a cool collab with, if you are interested, then also comment down below.

I´ve been gaining a lot of followers,and likes,and even comments lately. Thanks for that, you guys make my day! ❤

Loads of Nailpolish talk going on right now. I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my Top 5 Fall Polishes, and I´ll see you in my next post!

Song of the Post: Chelsea Dagger- The Fratellis



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