H&M Beachy Keen Salt Water Cream-Review

H&M recently brought out a new collection of beauty range. I loved the makeup selection, but nothing really smiled at me and said “Buy me, You need me!”. I continued scrolling nevertheless, hunting for a product to test. On the last page, I saw this beautiful thing.

The ´Beachy Keen Salt Water Cream´, not only was the design gorgeous and somewhat sophisticated for and H&M hair product, but I also never heard of a Salt-Cream before. Last year, Sea Salt Sprays were the new hair trend, used to add texture in the form of beachy waves to the hair. The concept is simple, Sea Salt+Water+Hair=Beachy Waves


Because I had just finished my Tony&Guy Sea Salt Spray, I decided to buy this cream and see what the difference is. If you want a further comparison of the two products, comment below. I used this for the first time yesterday, after washing my hair. I used two walnut-sized blobs of cream for my hair, massaging it in and scrunching my wet hair up a little.

Spread evenly through damp hair and blow dry, or style with your fingers and leave to air-dry


I then let my hair air-dry, because I am not the biggest fan of blow drying my hair. In the evening my hair was finally dry and I saw the result of the cream. To be honest, my hair was not different from its usual state. My hair is naturally wavy and if you´d see me walking in LA you would think that I´d belong to the beach and had lived there my whole life. I do feel more texture in my hair though. At first, your waves will feel crunchy and dry, but once you separate the strands of hair that are crunchy your hair will be overall soft-ish and wavy-ish.

I am honestly not in-love with this product, as I do not see a huge difference. But if your hair is usually straight then try this, because it holds your waves together like hairspray.

Have you seen anything interesting in the new H&M beauty range? Do these kind of products work in your hair?

Song of the Post: Is there Somwhere-Halsey



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