How to: Stay Awake After A Long Night

Hey Guys! So. My life has been pretty much shit in the last months. I don’t know how I deserve it, but our lives are all planned out somehow, so I guess I do deserve it. 

All these troubles take my time,my tears, and my sleep. 

Yes, I’ve stopped sleeping as much. I pull more all nighters than healthy and I sleep two to three hours each night. My body is slowly getting used to it. 

I hope the Ocean Air will help me get over my Insomnia. My best friend was the best medicine. But now he’s gone, too. 

You might not be tired from Insomnia, but from going out till late in the night, reading, watching TV…. What I want to say is that there are many reasons to staying up longer, but they all result in the same thing: Tiredness.

And nobody has time for tiredness, especially not in summer.

1- Eat an Apple
Apply has said to have more Caffeine than Coffee, and that’s Ideal for people like me who don’t always crave coffee. Or never. But any fruit will boost your energy levels because of all the natural sugars.

2- Stay Active
Staying Active does not mean running around the room incircles the whole day. If that is what you are doing, go to sleep. You are tired.

By staying active I mean going for a walk in the morning, or doing a few jumping jacks,stretching, even standing up and walking around while on the phone helps. You can do it!

3-Fresh Air
Open up a window, or just go outside. The fresh air will definitely give you a kick-start in your day. Unless it’s like 27+ Degrees, it will help but you’ll probably have to take a shower afterwards. 

4- Shower
Make sure to end your shower with a cold flash of water, otherwise you’ll just stay as hot and even more tired than before.

5-Stay Hydrated, Inside Out
Moisturizer you face and body, as the body might go a little cray-cray with the lack of Energy. So lather up on the “fake hydration”.

Also, drink. Drink,Drink,Drink. Try to drink water or juices or something that’s… Real? 

I hope that this will help you enjoy your days and nights more than you did before. See you next time, and stay tuned for a surprise! 


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