My Thoughts About: Boarding School

Since Fifth Grade, I have dreamed about going to a British Boarding School. My visions were biased by books and movies,and I knew that. But it did not keep me from coming.

Coming here was my own choice,and maybe I just came to run away from my troubles, but this experience made me realize so many things.

Yes it is hard without your parents and friends,but you only know what you have once you are without it. And this is true.

Being here made me stronger, and I have collected so many new experiences and memories. I’m having fun and seeing that my academic grades are finally increasing after two years of struggling,makes me incredibly happy and proud of myself.

But being here has also pulled me down emotionally.

Knowing that I basically live in my school is horribly stressful for me. It makes me weak.Here, I am all alone. Yes,I have the other boarders from whom I know that they go through the same thing, but it is hard for all of us. And I have to stay strong,even if I have been strong for too long. Sometimes I just feel like breaking down,and I know that my friends do everything they can to help me get back up. (Even if it is singing “What makes you beautiful” until I laugh and join in)

And that’s what I love about this.

We all struggle, but we stay strong,together.

Coming here was my own choice, and I cannot say that I regret I a bit. But I can say that living out of your comfort zone is hard to do. And that’s a part of growing up. So whatever you do, do it with confidence.

And this something I have learned over the last three months, do it with confidence or not at all. Because even if you embarrass yourself, you might not ever see these people that pull you down again, so it does not matter.

I hope I answered some of your unasked questions,but If you have any more questions just leave them in the comment section below so I can answer them in the near future.




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