How to apply Eyeliner

First, you got to decide what type of Eyeleiner you want to use. Most people say that pencil is the easier to use,but I personally prefer Gel eyeliner because it’s just easier to get to the Lash-Crown. Pencil just always complicates things and leaves a clear line from between my lash-roots and the actual Black Line.

So just try to figure out what you prefer using.

What you’ll need:
-Obviously,you need eyeliner. Choose between Gel,Liquid,and pencil.
-Liquid liner mostly comes is a tube-thing with a little brush, or a “fine-liner” where the liquid flows into a felt tip which you use to apply it.
-For Pencil Eyeliner all you need is a Pencil-Eyeliner (They are the cheapest) and a sharpener to sharpen the tip of your Pencil.
-Gel Eyeliner is simple, you need the Gel Eyeliner which mostly comes in a little Pot that will last for ages. You will also need an eyeliner brush. They have them in all shapes,sizes and even materials (Real Techniques has a silicone Brush which I am planning to buy soon!)

Now that you have all you need, make sure that your position is right. Tilt your head back a bit,use your non-write hand to pull you eyelid down (Yes,As if you made a grimace in Kindergarden). It’s best to rest your Elbow on a flat,strong surface.

Start from the middle of the lash-crown and swiftly drag the Liner to the end of your Lid.

It’s as easy as that. Or not.

The wing is pretty simple to do, you’ve probobly seen the whole “Outline-Fill in” method,but I hate it and don’t get it at all.

So I tend to not do a Big wing. But if you want to make a wing,just drag the line a little further keeping it straight, and then adding a tiny curve in the end.

And that’s it!
Your perfect Eyeliner is completed!

I will definitely film a Video to this,do you really know what to do.

I hope this is not to weird and complicated.



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