New Years Party-Emergency Hacks,Outfits,Remedies for the Night After

Okay so we all know that its New Years Eve today,right?

I have already told You about the Collab with my friend.

Well here it is.

I have two Last-Minute Outfit Ideas and a few tips for the Party-Night and remedies for the Day After.

Let’s start off with the Last-Minute-Outifts:

Outfit 1:


Okay,so this is really last minute if you ask me. Everyone has a black tank-top (Funny how I say that. I don’t even have one!) Well most people have one anyways. And most people have a simple black Cardigan. The Pants are really easy to get right now.

This is just a suggestion, but what I want to show you is that you can make anything Party-Appropriate if you just add simple pieces with something Glittery/Mettalic/Colorful/Crazy.

Outfit 2:


This outfit is a little more… Umm… Hard to get in such a Short Time.

But I really Prefer this. All you need is black boots,a patterned Skirt and a simple top.

I just made the Pieces a little more unique. The Jewelery and Tattoos are just small extras,same counts for the Hat.

I think the Tattoos and the Jewelery are a fun touch to the whole Outfit and they match the Geometrical Shapes on the Skirt.

Now to the Life-Saving Tips!

•We all know the struggle of Holes in tights. Just carry around a bottle of Clear Nailpolish,and apply the Polish to the Holes to stop them from ripping up even more.

•To avoid Runny Eyeliner, just dab a little Black (Or whatever Color your Eyeliner has) Eyeshadow on top of the line.

•Avoid the Classic Lipstick-On-Pearly-Whites by rubbing some Vaseline on you Teeth. Or do the Finger Pop. Put your finger in your mouth and pull it out making a “pop” sound.
We all did this as children.

•Use Lipbalm to tame your Fly-Aways. Smear a little bit (Seriously,use only a little bit. You don’t want your hair to get Greasy!) on your fingers and rub it between both if your fingers to make is warm before applying it to your Fly-Aways.

•Nothing is more annoying than Clumpy Mascara. We want to look good in our Columous and black as Cole Eyelashes. But when it goes wrong, don’t take off everything! Clean of the brush of your mascara wand with some water and use the clean Applicator to brush through your Clumpy Lashes.

•To prevent you from being totally hung-over the next Morning, drink a full glass of Water with every glass if Alcohol you may drink.

The next tips are for when you come home. (Or just get ready to go to bed)

•Before going to bed, try to remove all your Makeup. If you’re too tired,just make sure to remove your Face Makeup. Your Eyakeup isn’t the most important thing to remove. Just be prepared to wake up looking like a Panda.

•Sleep with an open window. It may be cold,but the fresh air will really save you.

•Dissolve a Magnesium Tablet in Water and drink it before going to bed. This will help reduce the Dead feeling you will probably get in the Morning. (Only do this if you were Drinking Alcohol and Partying all night!)

For the Morning after:

•Definitely eat something Strong for Breakfast. A good example are (Scrambled) Eggs

•Take lots of Vitamin C to yourself in the Morning.

•Take a walk to get some fresh air in your Lungs anfter showering and washing your face.

Here Are some Helpful Products for those of you may be little bit Hungover in the morning after:



You a bit Hungover?
Rodial has got you covered!
These Products were especially made to save you after a party. First use the Scrub, then she Mask for perfect results.


Any Citrus Scented Showergel will do. The fresh smell will instantly refresh you (DUH!) and wake you up.


Puffy-Eyes are super annoying. You could either mix together some DIY recipe against Puffy-Eyes,or use a product. In any other situation, I would go for the DIY. But considering that you stayed up all night partying, you should use a store-bought product (Or Left Over Ice Cubes)
This specific one is from Origins,but of course you can use less-pricey product.

This was a long Post! Whoa!

If you have come to this point,please like this and comment some of your favorite Emergency-Party-Hacks if I didn’t list them yet!

You’ll probably think that this is my last post 2014.
Surprise! It’s not!
I’ve already written the last post ever,and believe me it was very emotional for me to write.
It will be postet at 19:50 Tonight.

I will also Post something else Tomorrow, which is the first of Janurary. (First Post 2015!) It will be about a New Special Edition by Catrice.

Also! Don’t forget to check out my wonderful Collab-Partner for this Post!



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