Surprise Christmas Package?

Sorry. But I’m back again.

I’ve been uploading lots today! Very weird!

But I just got a huge surprise! So people from the Post Office come to my house literally every day. Mostly bringing stuff for my Parents.

But when I opened the door today, the Box was for me!

It was purple and had snowflakes all over it, the sides where White and they said “Rossmann” in Red letters.

You bet I was excited!

I was! Wen I sat it down on my couch I quickly pulled out my phone for my lovelies, I’m sorry the picture aren’t the best quality buty Cameras batteries were empty,so I had to use my phone.

The Package contains:

•Neutrogena Nordic Berry Handcream


I’ve heard SO MANY good things about this Handcream from lots of Youtubers. I also remember that my best friend used to have this with her all the time in school two years ago. She would put it on her hands every hour,she was addicted to the great quality. She never have me anything for my hands,but I used to take some when she wasn’t looking. But Shhhh! Don’t tell her! 😉 She has a blog,Ill Link it down Below, she is really Talented but I didnt See her in a while.

The Smells beautiful,fresh and Furore But still perfectly Fine for Winter.

•Weleda Men Active-Showergel


I don’t know why they had the need to send me a Men product….
I don’t know if in going to Use this at all, it smells very manly. Very Manly

Maybe I’ll give it to my dad or something.

•for Your Beauty Face Peeling-Pad


I’ve seen this thing at DM already,But I wasn’t sure if I should get it,it seemed pretty expensive to me. But now that I got it for free, I’m excited to test it out!

The thin short string-like peeling things are very soft, maybe even too soft for my taste. The half-circular nubs are pretty sturdy.

Overall, I think this Pad is good for removing black heads and any other dirt from the face.

•Seba Med Body-Milk


Okay. Calm down. This stuff smells so thick and rich! It’s like it smells…Moisturizing. Is that Weird?
It smells so good and natural….

•Tetesept Bath-Salts


Bath Salts ☑️
Cute Package ☑️
Promise to color water Pink ☑️

I’m excited to use these,but I only have two weeks left before I have to go back to a bath-free area. And I wanted to test my Lush Space Girl Bath bomb before that aswell…

•Essence Lash Princess Mascara


When J saw this Mascara on the Essence Website for the first time, I was super hyped about it. It seemed promising. But then I looked at the price,3-5€ (I don’t rember),and I calmed back down. I wanted to save money for a more expensive Mascara… I gave up on the Essence Mascara and stopped thinking about it.

But Now I have it! And I got it for free! That’s so exciting! I wanted to test a news scars anyways and this is just perfect!

•Colgate Total Whitening Toothpaste


This is a toothpaste I buy anyways,always. I bought it for England,and now I have a refill to bring back with me. Perfect!

•Rexona Women Cotton Ultra Dry


This is a deodorant.
It doesn’t seem too promising, I just have a feeling that it’s not
Going to help reduce sweating at all.
Do you know when you spray deodorant under your arms and it comes out as white powder? Yeah,I have a feeling that that’s what this Deodorant is going to be like.

•Isana Men Eye Roll On with Caffeine


Again,a men’s product!
I must seem like a man!

No it’s fine, it doesn’t have a scent (at least not a manly one).
Ironically,my Eye-Roll on finished today,and now I have a new one!


I’m going to use this tonight! Yay!

•Pantene Pro-V Repair & Care Hair Oil


I like Pantene Pro-V,they have great Wiality Hair Products. I will just have to watch out with how I dose this, My hair gets greasy from specific Hair Oils quickly. But other than that,I love it!

That’s all they sent me.
I loves it,thanks a lot dear Rossmann Team,you really made my day.

I would have expected more Makeup-Products than one Mascara,but that’s okay.

Now I have so much other stuff! 💞

(btw,this was types on my Phone,excuse the mess!)

Any Suggestions for anything?

Here is my friends Blogs:

Thanks for supporting me always!

P.S:I feel very very Christmassy right now! (That word ⬆️was actually put in by my auto-correct!omg)


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