I Heart Fall

Today, Im back with another Tag!

This time,its the `I Heart Fall` tag. Because Fall is my favorite season, and its obviosuly Fall (If you havent noticed,check your trees! °-° )

First things first im the realest Have you noticed my new header? I know its still…raw, but I would like to use your suggestions to help me design it! Help me by commenting!

Now lets get to the fun part!

Favorite Lip Product for Fall?

Lip Balm all the way! I think that any other lip product in fall is unnessecary and just harms the lips.

Favorite Fall Nailpolish?

I don´t own the Nailpolish I would mention here,but I will hopefully own it soon!My favorite Nail Polish this fall is a really dark green polish and I am thinkin about getting “Essie´s Stylenomics”. Any Reviews about this Polish?

Favorite Starbucks Drink in Fall?

This answer is SO obvious! Its the Pumkin Spice Latte! (Oh.Wow,What a surprise.) Ive actually tried the PSL two days ago for the first time and I must say that its by far the best coffee drink I have ever tried. I am officially addicted. Is there PSL Rehab somewhere? 😉

Favorite Fall Candle?

Okay,I know this is kind of weird, but I am a very big fan of the IKEA Candles, in fall I especially like the Vanilla scented candle because the smell is so intense but at the same time very simple and calming. Of course, If we had Bath & Body works in ermany, I would probobly love one of them. But unfortunately I never had the chance to bring back B&B candles from my visits in America because I was younger and didnt really care. 🙂

Favorite Fall Accessory?

Beanies and Banges. I have some really pretty Bangles that are great for fall. And I love crocheting my own beanies,its so much fun! (This sounds really weird but yeah, I crochet!)

Haunted House or Hay Ride?

Haunted Hay Ride! I have all these plans in my head on what I want to do with whom, and a Haunted Hay Rise is in my `lover´ category because I think that,although they are supposed to be Haunted, these hay rides are romantic. I mean, Fall IS romantic in every aspect,right?

Favorite Halloween Movie?

Every Year, I enjoy the Disney Channel Halloween Movies. Yes,very Cheesy, but they remind me of my childhood and most of them arent too scary but rather funny.

What are you dressing up as this Halloween?

This Year, I am thinking about dressing up as the Adventure Time Space Princess! My brother and I spent all of fall break watching Adventure Time and I fell in love with the Fluffy Space Princess.

If you dont like her,well, then lump you! >.<

What is your favorite thing about fall?

The overall feeling of Fall, the transfer from Summer to Winter,the colorful leaves,the smell of rain,fresh soil and pumpkins in the air, the crisp feeling of the air and I could continue on and on! (There is going to be a seperate post about the things I love about Fall!)

So! That was the ´I Heart Fall´ Tag! I hope this was kind of enjoyble and to see you soon!

I tag You! You,this wonderful person reading this! Maybe post your answer on your blog or just comment under mine!

I love you guys a bunch!


(Sorry for the Spelling Mistakes but Im writing on my phone and there is no spellcheck! Ugh!)

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