Glasses and Packaging Victim??

Ive finally found the time to visit my beloved DM again.

I have glasses now,and they people see everything even stronger. Including unwanted freckles,dark undereye circles and anything else I dont want people to see.

So,Ive been thinking about a method to stop that from happening. I tried applying my P2 ´Feel Natural´ with a concealer brush,my fingers and the Ebelin ´Makeup Egg`. Nothing gave me the effect I wanted. So I came to the conclusion that the p2 Concealer just doesnt  work for me anymore. I also had the feeling that it wasnt really good for my skin and pores.

I ended up only actually buying two new products for the ´Glasses Issue´,as I like to call it.

(I really just wanted the Lipbalm beacsue I love Baby Lips, Roses and the packaging.Definitley a case of Packaging Victim)

Lets start with the most important thing of all three; The Camouflage!

Alverde Camouflage 01 Sand

Alverde Camouflage 01 Sand


Camouflage is basically really really strong makeup. Its maybe the strongest of the strongest. 🙂

So this covers everything up without being unnatural.

I could have chosen any other Brand for camouflage,but my skin is being really weird lately so I chose to take the ´Alverde Naturkosmetic´ one,which is the DM house brand specialized on Natural Cosmetics. Also, Ive heard alot of good things about the Camouflage and Cream-to-powder Concealer,which I would have chosen but apparently people dont know what Testers are. Duh.

I also got the P2 Glow Up! Highlighter Eyes + Cheeks

P2 Glow Up! Highlighter Eyes+Cheeks 030 High Gleam

P2 Glow Up! Highlighter Eyes+Cheeks 030 High Gleam


I really needed Highlighter for my Brows and cheeks because of the Glasses Issue. So,I chose the P2 Highlighter in high gleam.

The highlighter is pressed into this metal container just like Eyeshadow which is pretty cool in my opinion. Ive only ever seem Highighter in liquid form or pens.

The shade is light pinkish with a little shimmer to make my face look more… Awake?

Im going to test this out sooner or later,probobly sooner! 🙂

“Transparent pearlized highlighter for placing shimmering,brilliant accents on eyes and cheeks. Skin tolerance dermatologically confirmed.” -P2

Now to the Rosy Babylips!


As I literally ran to the cash register, I passed the Lip Balm section. Of course, the placed it right infront of the Register so girls with some more money will be like “Oh! Look at that! I need some new Lipbalm! Fall is coming up,right? My lips will be chapped and the last one I bought was really bad… Let me just rush over to the stand and grab the cutest,newest Balm!” **If you know this situation comment!**

Yeah. Thats what happened to me. And then I saw this black Electro Baby Lips edition. Wait,let me correct that. Special Edition. Ive only ever seen these on We Heart It and Tumblr,so I grabbed the last one and continued my journey to the Cash Register.

I must have looked pretty funny.

Ha. Ha. Haha…

Thats it! MY mini DM Haul with…3 Items! Oh my Gosh!

If you could relate to my ´Glasses Issue` or the Lipbalm scenario,please comment your little story! 😉

If you want to see my usual School-Glasses Look,just give this post a comment telling me!

Please like! It would make my day. Because Sunday is the day before Monday,and that depresses me. 😦 🙂



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