#Totally Fangirling

Controlling my feelings in this Post will be like the hardest thing to do. Ever.
Oh my fricking Gosh.

Thats right,One Direction,the best band of all time, released pictures and a funny comercial of their third fragrance,named after their Midnight Memories Song `You and I`. Which just happens to be my favorite song from the Album. What a coincidence!

Before reading any more,click the link below to watch the ultra cool Fragrance Commercial.

One you have done that,continue!

First,lets all just talk about the ´Story` behind this short video.

Well,obviuosly, the Perfume bottle was locked up in Safe. Which makes it look like its the biggest treasure of all time. Or something like that.

So,then you see a black figure opening up the ceiling. The person is wearing a black beanie and is otherwise dressed in black. The first Boy and four others come through the hole aswell,all tied to ropes for safety.

Thats when the boys pull off their Masks/Beanies that have been covering their faces.
Lets all take a minute to acknowledge Zayns beautiful hair.
Did you notice how fricking perfect it looks!?
I mean,look at it. Perfection.
Let’s compare Zayns Perfectionous Hair, to Harry’s Bed-Head.


Sorry Harry, but your hair is a mess in this Video.
But I guess that’s what makes you human right? I totally understand the situation, that’s why I don’t usually wear beanies.

Then the music gets faster and the boys humorously try to get a hold of the bottle. They spin around. Niall pulled of Liam’s (I think it’s Liam) shoe and gets his door into his face. The boys swing and swirl around before Liam finally Grabs the Bottle and the Video comes to an end.

I liked the Video. Maybe they could have brought something from the song ‘You and I’ up, but it was good without aswell.

Now I’ll come to the Actuall Bottle and Box.
The Perfume Bottle is shaped geometrical. I don’t know how to describe it, but I would say its kind of like a Diamond shape.
Just like the other ‘That’ and ‘This Moment’, the bottle if made of pink stained glass.
The spray nozzle is golden,just like the little decorations around the sides if the bottle.
To me, the bottle is designed to look stylish. And I think it really does look good. The Pink glass kinda gives the hint of the Perfume beign a Boy-Band Product. (Eww. That sounded weird. But you know what I mean.)


The box is designed similar to the box of the Fragrance they released in May I think, ‘That Moment’.
It’s light pink, with picture of the boys printed into it.
You see two pictures of each member. One a clear,black and white picture, the other faded.
The two pictures were taken from different angles, making the faded one look like a ‘shadow’.
The ‘real’ picture shows the boys smiling, the ‘faded’ picture shows them look down or away.
I think that those two sides show that,like a coin, each person has two sides to them.
The box also has golden accents, auctioning the pictures.

That’s all I have to say, for now.

I will definitely write more about ‘You and I’ soon.

I’m totally fangirling right now. I can’t even count the many ‘OMG’s I seant my best friedm after spotting the picture of the fragrance on We Heart It.


Oh Gosh! I’m so weird, but aren’t we all?

You know you love me
xoxo, Antonia

(Sorry. I had to do that. Gossip Girl took over.)


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